Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sandy Update

Pom Pom recently asked for a new post about Sandy. Well, Sandy doesn't do many new things. She eats, plays and sleeps :) Just joking -- she's a doll, but she and Julia are usually on the move so fast, it's hard to get photos of her. So, I tried when she was "snoozy." Her fur is so black, that it's hard to see her!
I love how her little paws stick out!
This is her favorite way to sleep, although sometimes she sleeps on her back, which is so cute! She used to curl up and stick her nose under her fluffy tail.
I'm not sure that she's aware of how cute her little face is. She believes she is a ferocious beast! But she's really a fluffy bundle of hugs.

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  1. Oh, I love her! She's so perfect! Her face IS beautiful and that's what I love best about her. The last photo is irresistible! She's SO cute! Give her a scratch behind the ears and whisper in them, "Your Colorado fan club president thinks you are a queen!"


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