Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Happenin'

What's happenin'? Not much. Yesterday I started getting a bad cold, and today I'm laid up in bed with my jammies on, sipping hot tea. Ick.

However, this past weekend, our church had its annual Missions Conference, and we heard reports from around the world -- India, Peru, China, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya -- of God's kingdom work going on there.
We ladies had a brunch on Saturday, and a speaker.
Julia had her own fun last weekend; she had a friend over to spend the night. When we took her friend home, they went to swing on a large vine in the woods. Julia gave it the old college try!!
There's a beautiful barn near their house, and I've been wanting to take a picture of it. It has wonderful ivy growing on its side. I like the stray bale of hay also.

I'll be recovering today and probably tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be my zippy self again. Meanwhile, this will be my friend:


  1. I can relate! Sniffing over in here in my neck of the woods, but happy to be alive and holding for our both recovering soon, soon, soon!

  2. Feel better soon girl! Especially before you come here...You won't like my "home" remedies! HUGS!!

  3. Hi MK! Sorry you are sick! I'm glad you are staying in bed, trying to recover! I like looking at the NC skies.


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