Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Autumn in the Produce Aisle!

In the fall, I cannot resist taking a few photos in the grocery store. I love all the autumn crops! Aren't these silly?
But look at the selection of squashes! I like a good acorn squash; Anna and I used to split one because nobody else in the family liked them. I bought a butternut on this day though.
The pumpkins are gorgeous. And I love all the Indian corn. What fun! My favorite time of year! Happy Fall! (Okay, I know it's not official yet, but I'm so ready!)


  1. Actually, I believe today IS the official start to fall! Hurray!!!
    :) A

  2. Yahoo! I find so many photo opportunities at the grocery store! I like your fall enthusiasm!

  3. Love fall! Bittersweet is my favorite mother-in-law used to collect it for me on the roadside in Minnesota. I still display the last batch she gave me two years ago, but it's starting to fall apart.


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