Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Grand World Tour

Ratty, Mole and Toad are departing on their Grand World Tour! They have left Pom Pom's house, and will make the round of stops here in the States before leaping across the Great Pond (Toadie is rather good at that part) to visit Mags. And they're off!!!!
I'm sure Toad will be nothing but trouble to his friends, all along the way.
(What would Mr. Graham think if he knew what his little animals were up to now?)
Here is a picture of Creative Miss Pom Pom's thundering trio, ready for departure. They will travel complete with their own passport (I LOVE that!), a copy of the book I believe, and other nice surprises.
I'm trying to think what they should do during their visit with us here in the Appalachian Mountains. Visit a waterfall? Play with Sandy? (They might be a little worse for the wear after that play date!) Drop in at the local bakery for a danish? Julia will have to help me decide.
I must include a tiny happy for the next lady on the tour, and tuck it in the package, so I want to begin planning what I should crochet for her. A doily? A tiny purse? Any thoughts?


  1. Maybe you could put The Three in a zipper pouch and let Sandy carry them around. I think they would LOVE a danish at the bakery. They do love to have a meal at every turn. All I put in the pocket is a button. From your mountain home they will go on to Thistle Cove Farm in Virginia. They are still traveling to Canada at the moment.

  2. Maybe come visit us in GA too when you come down....They might rather enjoy the trip.


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