Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Go Paint!!"

I was sick yesterday (as I said), so that's what I told Julia to do for school -- "Go paint on the porch!" And she did. Actually, it was too wet and cold on the porch, so she painted on the dining room table. This is the Get Well card she painted for little ole me:
She knows I love all things related to the sea, so that was a very happy card for me. She saw a lighthouse on the TV, and that's where it came from.
Isn't that sweet?
Later, she wanted to paint some more, so she did this. I think it's just out of her head. I like the depth perception here, of the near trees and the far trees, and the water in between.
And this is Chuck. She copied him from a card my mother has. Isn't he cute? She was especially pleased with how he turned out.
All these are watercolors, which is the medium we use most, but the paper was my last piece of acrylic paper. Very stiff and slick. She liked it, but I don't like it much for watercoloring because it doesn't absorb the paint/water well. And for any of you worried about my daughter's education, she also did two sets of Saxon math yesterday. We did so much history and other stuff on Monday, we needed to catch up on math yesterday. Homeschooling is flexible that way. On Monday, we watched a 2 1/2 hour documentary on the Mayflower travelers called Desperate Crossing, an excellent show that traces them all the way back to their conflicts that sent them first to Holland.


  1. I hope you're feeling better. Lovely painting, Julia.


  2. Chuck's excellent! I hope you are feeling better, too!


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