Friday, September 9, 2011

Mud Dabber's Pottery

Yesterday I had a few extra minutes, so I dropped in at this shop, which I'd passed many times, but never visited. I'm so glad I pulled in!
This welcoming hut hangs on the porch. I bet all the birds in the area know this is a friendly place :)
Some happy flowers to brighten your morning,
Oh, how I love a fat, fall pumpkin! It just makes me happy.
This is the first thing that really caught my eye. The acorn/fall leaf/ squirrel shapes are so autumnal. I love autumn. Can you tell? The rustly corn stalks are lovely too.
What a great old barrel! I'm sure it's not for sale.
There were so many fun items in this shop, there's no way I could show you them all. I picked out some of the choicest ones. Love a rooster?
Isn't this pretty? I could enjoy a set of these in my kitchen.
Now, this is not something I'd like to own, but it's interesting to see.
They had a tree with Christmas ornaments -- my kind of store! I appreciate people who know there are a few of us who pine for Christmas all year long.
This may be the cutest thing I saw. Pom, I think your garden fairies need this house, don't you?
A few items were like these mugs:  clunky. I don't like clunky pottery. My brother threw quite a lot of pottery when we were both younger, and he has some beautiful items. Good pottery should not be thick, heavy, or crude-looking. If that's the look you like, that's just fine, but you should know that any incompetent potter can make this stuff, and be sure you don't pay much for it.
Again, fun and interesting, but I wouldn't want to gaze into that face over my morning tea.
This is really a beautiful bowl, although I know it looks odd. I love the leaf pattern, and the cut-outs. Luscious color too. The mottled color is the inside. The textured folds on the outside are appealing.
And Pom, I thought of you immediately when I saw these -- aren't they simply priceless? Fairy doors!!! You nail them to trees or stumps or whatever, so the fairies have little homes. Awwww....
And outside, I found more fairy magic! This friendly array was in the parking lot, by the foundation of the old building, a fairy's enchantment. So cute!
That was my whirlwind trip to Mud Dabber's Pottery. If you're ever driving hwy. 276 between Greenville and Brevard, be sure to stop by. You won't be sorry!


  1. Wonderful! LOVE the fairy doors and the fairy house!
    I like the jug with the "bluebird of happiness" attached, too!
    One of my friends is taking pottery classes and I want her to make me a mug. I like the thick mugs.
    What a cool place. The mushrooms are lovely! Thank you for sharing!
    I'm getting Ratty, Mole, and Mr. Toad ready for departure. You're in, right?

  2. Ahhh - we have such different tastes in pottery! That is too funny! Yes, I'm definitely in with Ratty, Mole and Toad. Just let me know what I need to do!

  3. Much to my surprise I came across a picture on the internet of my fairy house! I am so honored and humbled at your comments of some of my pottery. I am Denise Byrd, Ceramic Artist at Mud Dabbers. The birdhouse, leaf wind chimes, rooster, and fairy house are my creations.

    I love Mud Dabbers. It is a coop owned and operated by second generational potters. The Dodson's are wonderful welcoming people that let us puttering potters explore and create and sell our creations.

    Thank you for stopping in and please come back!

  4. Glad you alerted me to this post, M.K.! I can't wait to go back. Will be looking at other Brevard posts on your blog!


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