Saturday, September 3, 2011

Girl Spa Time!!

Julia joined other homeschool girls last night for a "teen spa night" at a friend's home. What a great time they had! After initially being a little quiet, they began to giggle and have fun, and ... well ... the night was hilarious and great!
They started out writing down questions/concerns about skin care.
They enjoyed trying all the products: cleansing gel, toner, exfoliant, and moisturizer. We older girls know all about a "skin care routine," but these girls were mostly hearing it for the first time. Julia looks scared. "Exfoliate?"
They had fun doing their faces. Then ALL of them walked around to all their friends, touching each other's faces and saying, "That's so soft!"
The mom in charge emphasized the importance of avoiding sunburn, and keeping healthy skin. I'm sure somebody told me that when I was 13, but was I listening? No! Oh, those many summers on the beaches of Pensecola ....
They did "foot spa" too, in the big tub. Cute little feet!
Julia kept saying, "Mom!!!" when I would take a picture. The other girls hid. But I wasn't the only mom with a camera!

Thanks to our friend for this wonderful evening! Let's do it again!

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