Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My husband is writing a book. He's been working on it for many years. It deals with the people who lived before the flood. It's a work of fiction, but follows the Bible, and treats the events as historical.

The book is called Tubal-Cain.
Adam has spent years working out the names, families, chronologies and datings of this book. It's fascinating -- he speculates that Noah had a library of sorts on the Ark, a record of the culture and knowledge amassed by the children of Adam that needed to be preserved.

His hero is Tubal-Cain, a descendant of Cain, but a man redeemed by God and brought back into Adam's home. I'm the editor of this book. I'm enjoying it very much.

Adam is putting the early chapters on his blog site for public reading, to gauge reader response. So, please read, and let him know what you think! Especially if you often read Sci-Fi, or Fantasy genre, or religious fiction, let him know your response to it so far. He's receptive to input. (And boy, has he gotten some from me!)

Here's a link to Chapter One. The real action of the story begins in Chapter Two, which will be coming up next.

If you want to read Adam's Prologue to the book, here's that link too.

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