Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blogasbord Delights

Well, I suppose I should withhold judgment on whether these delicacies are "delightful," until after you read them!

Rachel Held Evans: She's a big-time Christian blogger. This past year she's set a high task for herself, A Year of Living Biblical Womanhood. Here's a "table of contents," so to speak, of the various aspects of this project, as she's tackled them month by month. And here's a page where she talks more about what this project is about, and why she's doing it. Is it silly? Misdirected? Done for publicity? Sincere? I don't know. But I do think it's interesting. I wouldn't undertake such a project, because I frankly think my time would be better spent in matters of the heart instead of  matters of the body, but I'm not so sure. She may be discovering that, as she disciplines these physical areas, she finds spiritual truths that had eluded her. I haven't been following her blog, so I don't know.

Monster Gluten? It seems our society cannot escape our obsession with food, and every few years we find a new Food Villain. Right now, I think it's The Gluten Monster. But ... whole wheat causing mental illness? The reasoning here was a stretch for me, and I consider myself somewhat fanciful.

Passive Eating? This did make me giggle, because we all remember the horror of Passive Smoking. Those who smoked cigarettes in any enclosed space seemed to have the upper hand over us who did not smoke, since they controlled the air quality. Now, we must all guard against the dangers of passive eating, i.e. being tempted by the foods others eat. I must say though, that the fast food industry is a menace to our health. However, I think we should be able to manage the menace with self-control, rather than government regulation.

Gibson Guitars: Anybody else heard of this fiasco? Evidently the Dept. of Justice is upset about some woods the guitar-maker is using. Solution? Please export your work to another country. I couldn't believe it myself!

Pilgrim's Progress: This is what Julia and I are reading for school. A wonderful Christian analogy and Biblical instruction? Yes. Good Elizabethan story-telling and diction? Yes. A win-win for school. This etext is from University of Virginia. They have a wonderful online library of documents, free to all.


  1. Pilgrims Progress was a "must read" in our home school. Good stuff.

  2. Interesting talk today, MK!
    Passive eating. That's kind of funny.
    I was out walking on the trail today and I saw a big coyote! Yikes! But I also saw a sheltie. He was cute, but not as cute as Sandy. He had her same coloring though. He was very shy and didn't want me to pet his snout very much. Don't you think it's time for another Sandy post?

  3. Y'know, it's not really that long, Jody. She's enjoying it.

    Pom, I'll have to be on the lookout for cute Sandy antics. Usually Julia is instigating it.


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