Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Wind In the Willows

Pom Pom is doing another Wind In the Willows blog event -- a Grand Tour! I'm not exactly sure what will be happening, or what a Grand Tour involves, but I want to be involved! So, when Julia and I painted today, I chose a "WITW" picture to copy.
This was a challenge for me, and I didn't finish all the background. I focused on the characters.
I think Badger turned out best. Sorry the photo is fuzzy. His shape isn't quite right, although his head turned out rather fine.
And I liked Rat okay. He was quick and easy to do -- lots of white. The actual color on him, as you see, is limited. He looked funny before I pulled out the pen -- nothing like a rat at all! I had to do him fast b/c he was last, and my laptop was running out of power. I was copying from a photo online.
Poor Mole. I don't like how he turned out at all. May need to try him again.
We had fun sitting on the cool porch in the fog, listening to branches tumble down and squirrels scurry by. We had quite a storm last night. All outdoors seems still to be recovering from its midnight adventures. Nobody was sleeping much.


  1. how fun!! I love your little ant eater...I mean mole, hehe! I think the characters turned out GREAT! Would love to see Julia's painting too!

  2. I love all three! The colors are great! Yes, you shall be on the route for Mole, Ratty, and Mr. Toad! We'll figure out all the whens and hows and then let everyone know. You can take photos of "the three" hanging around your locale and then you'll write in the book, place a flower, leaf, or herb in the pages, stamp the passport and send them on their way. They are going many places and when I get the book back I'll see all the amazing notes from the tour! Of course, I'll share it all!

  3. Yippee!! I'm so excited to be a stop on the tour! That will be SO much fun. Maybe I'll get a photo of Sandy and Julia, with the book? Thanks so much, Pom! This is great!


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