Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Around the Hand-work Table

Here's a line-up of all the beautiful things being made in our Hand-work Group (aka, knitting/crocheting/quilting group):
Miss H. is crocheting a small blanket with a new pattern. She's doing a trial run with this pink yarn, to make sure she understands the instructions. Looking good! This is the center of one of the squares.
Miss M. is making a baby blanket. I love this yarn; it's so soft. She has beautiful cabling in this pattern.
Miss C. just finished knitting this scarf today and tried it on for us :) The yarn must have silk in it, because it's so soft. She does an excellent job with the basketweave pattern.
Miss C. is quilting. She was given this quilt top, already pieced, but unfinished otherwise. She's been working on the bottom quilting and edges. It's so pretty and old-fashioned.
Miss J. (our hostess) has been digging out old projects that she hasn't finished. Some of them are decades old! This is a sweater -- isn't that pattern gorgeous! She's trying to relocate instructions and remember exactly what she was doing with each one.
Here's another one - a sweater in black. Both pieces are knitted.
Miss K. was new to our group this morning, but is an old friend. She is knitting socks. And let me tell you, when we all saw her socks (she was wearing a pair), we all exclaimed that we had to learn how to make them! She starts at the toe, and the way she casts on, there is no seam there. Amazing! And the heels are perfect. Her pair looked so comfortable. I can't wait to begin. And if mine turn out a bit scary-looking? Who cares? They're socks, and will be hidden under pants and inside shoes :)
A delicate rose was our centerpiece.
I bought this ball of yarn at a junk store for 25¢. I decided to make little coaster doilies with it, and made 6.
Very pretty. But what to do with the rest of the yarn? I made a larger doily, to go beneath the tea pot. But then one lady, looking on, said, "Oh, a tea cozy!" And immediately I knew I had to try it. So today I made a tea cozy with the rest of the yarn. I had to start over twice, but it turned out well. I'll show it to you ... next time.

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