Friday, September 9, 2011

Charlotte's Fibers (a great yarn store)

Today I took a huge risk and allowed myself to walk into a dangerous place:  Charlotte's Yarn Store. (When Julia saw "Charlotte's Fibers," she thought it was a health food store!! Haha!)
Oh, the gorgeous things in this store. I told myself ahead of time I would NOT buy anything. I'm used to buying my yarn at resale shops for 50¢ a skein, and I don't think I could pay $6.50 (and up). But my-oh-my, how beautimous her wares are! Here are the wraps they have in their window display. They have some talented ladies who work and and play there.
Isn't this stunning?
She had felted items in the front of the store, and I think these two are just adorable!!!
A Russian lady makes felted bags for the store. She does these "free-hand," meaning she uses her imagination and creativity as she goes along. They are so beautiful! Check out these three:

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  1. Wow! I get overwhelmed in yarn stores. Everything is so gorgeous and then I start thinking practically. I prefer looking at pictures of your shopping trip!


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