Thursday, September 22, 2011

Right On Time!

Yesterday, a package arrived in the mail. Is there any happier thing than that?  Well, perhaps a few. I love gifts!
This package is from a dear, old friend. When you're young, you don't fully appreciate the precious comfort that is an old friend, someone you've known for decades who is just as dear and fun and beautiful as she ever was.

This friend is Lisette.

The package is a wedding gift for Adam and me. Purchased over 22 years ago, and carried from place to place by my friend. She always intended to send it, but never got around to it. This effort might have been hampered by the fact that we moved around so much, and we lost track of each other a couple of times. (Thank you, Facebook!!)

She sent a Shakespeare teapot -- is that not adorable?! I love it! As Julia said, "It's such a tragic story!" There's a famous quote from this scene, inscribed on the bottom of the pot. Should we sip tea from this very pot and read the scene together?
She also sent a book of poetry. I have another one rather similar to this, but published by a different company, and I adore it. It's my most-read poetry book. This one is full of luscious paintings, many from the Pre-Raphaelite period, and lots of romantic verse.
This is a typical page. Beautiful art blended with dripping poetry.
She wrote a note. And I can't help but wonder: did Lisette write this 22 years ago, or did she write it a few days ago? I can't tell. Either way, the wishes are appropriate. And I know my friend, I could pick her handwriting out of a pile of hundreds. We've both aged (although I must say, she hasn't changed much). We're heavier, wrinklier, kinder. But her handwriting hasn't changed one bit. Is that why hand-written letters from dear friends are so nice? We feel we are skipping time, ageless.
And I shouldn't forget to mention that large tin of Jasmine tea she sent, to go with the pot. A cup of that would be welcome on this rainy, foggy mountain morning.
Happy wedding to us! Thank you, Lisette! You are such a dear! This gift was most welcome, and it came right on time.

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  1. what a gift after all these years! I've seen those tea pots somewhere. Pretty cool. Have a good day. Liz


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