Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Around the Salty Neighborhood

Our neighborhood has street names like this:
Isn't that fun?
We went for a walk last evening in the breeze. We walked to a nearby marina. I love a sky filled with masts.
A friend in the church fixed Julia's bike tire, and she's been wheeling around town. She rode while we walked.
There must have been 100 boats in the boat yard. Some were being repaired, some painted. Some had residents aboard, and some had clearly had no attention whatsoever for months. Some sat in the water and some on dry ground.
Look at this monstrosity! Adam thinks it's called a boat sling. Can you see the straps coming down from the upper rails? They're holding up the boat in a pair of slings, rather like when they lift a cow or horse up in the air. This boat is in mid-air.
I particularly liked this beauty.
The brackish water seeps into the land in a multitude of grassy marshes and snaking creeks. It was an excellent walk.

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