Monday, May 14, 2012

Gone Crabbin'

We spent the afternoon yesterday at friends' house. Adam kind of invited himself over, to get some crabs. Well, he didn't exactly invite himself, but he did ask, "Hey, do you have any crabs around your place?"
Yes, they did! He and Philip took along a cooler, a net, some string, and some old raw chicken legs.
I was so pleased when he caught one! Not that I'm interested in eating crabs ....
It's been years since Adam fished this way. He and Philip got tangled a bit.
"Sitting on the dock of the bay ...."
Philip had some success. I think he caught the largest crab.
Adam gets one of his netted in. I think he caught the most crabs.
In the end, they caught 10 crabs, but they were all small(ish), so they threw them back in, to grow up and get caught later :) We visited a bit, drove home, and those two went back out to another spot, and crabbed some more. They caught 5 crabs there, but threw them back also. Adam wants crabs worth pickin'!!
Although it never rained, the skies were beautifully stormy. See?
(Have I ever mentioned that I love being on the water?) We had fun sitting and talking with our new friends.
We have big skies here -- ocean skies. So much beauty from the mind of God.

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