Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This and That

My soap batch is curing nicely and should be ready for sale at this Saturday's farmer's market. It's lemon soap in various shapes. The cute little soaps below are straight lemon scent. The round ones behind them also have poppyseeds for a gentle exfoliant.
These lovelies also have lemon peel added.
I won't have a garden this year, but I wanted a few things in pots. Here's my Brandywine tomato plant.
And here's my little cherry tomato plant.
My fern is loving it here! She's sprouting many little fronds down below. It's moist and muggy here, and I keep her in the shade.
I bought a rosemary. Home wouldn't be home without a rosemary plant.
I had to post this picture, which I took today at a store. I noticed it last week. Please observe the use of the apostrophe.
Okay, friends. When debating about the use of the apostrophe, please remember: do not EVER use the apostrophe to make ordinary words plural. EVER. Please!!! Only in rare situations is the apostrophe used for plurality, and it's not with ordinary word usage.

Apostrophes are used for possession. So, on the top of the sign, that should read "Ladies' Jeans." See how I made the word PLURAL FIRST, and then I added the necessary apostrophe to show possession. The jeans, presumably, belong to the ladies.

However, the bottom example is what made me truly shudder. No possession is called for. Nobody is owning anything.  It's just plain "dresses." Why is that so hard?

(English teacher lets out a pained scream and shakes head.)

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