Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happenings in the Park

This post is an extension of the last one -- the evening constitutional at the park. Because, you see, it didn't end there. I went home, but within a few minutes we were all back at the park!
Adam called and said, "You should get back down here. The drum circle is playing."
I'd heard of the drum circle. But I was finally relaxing on the couch with my computer.
"I'll send Julia," I told him. So I did.
But then Philip rode down too, and I felt left out. So I rode my bike back to the park. Aren't the drummers cute? They meet weekly. They're a happy bunch, finding a rhythm and seeing how "together" they can get as they beat.
Over my other shoulder was a different group of folks. Not drummers or leftover hippies or sailors. These are old folks who like to sit in lawn chairs at the foot of the pier and enjoy the evening air. They ride their bikes. Some of they carry their lawn chairs on the side, as they ride! That takes coordination!
Behind me, at the end of the pier, are the fishermen. They're pretty serious about it. I think fishermen must be rather devoted to their task. It takes patience.
What a diverse group! A few minutes later, four young ladies walked up, interested in the drumming, and they were offered various instruments and joined in the fun. Then one lady began to dance. She's known around town for her lithe, fluid dancing. She used scarves. It was a fun, engaging evening, and Adam and Sandy and I sat in the middle of these three groups, studying them all.
I'm enjoying Oriental.

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