Sunday, May 6, 2012

Neighborly Flowers

I hope you're not sick of flowers yet, because here are some more! What a rather sad picture to begin with - the azaleas are definitely "past it" and fading. Boohoo!
In their place came the rhododendrons, and next will be the profuse mountain laurel. In just a few days, the roadways will be blanketed in tiny pink/white blooms, and it will look like fairy land up here. Here's an early bush:
Examine this. See the tiny bell-like flowers? Each one will be a blueberry! These are wild, volunteer blueberry bushes that thrive in the woods around this locale.
I strolled down to our neighbor's yard. (Don't worry; I asked permission.) They have an adorable bent-wood fence.
I went there for pictures of these rhododendrons. They're magnificent! A whole bank of them greets the neighbors when they come out their front door. And note the nice stone wall beneath.
She has some glowing iris. Wow!
More of the rhododendrons:
As I walk back up their driveway, this sturdy stone wall walks with me.
One of my favorites is this clinging ground-cover on the outside of her pot. Love that!
I hope you enjoyed this flowery post. Happy spring!

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  1. Did Sandy get to come, too?
    I love rhododendrons. They don't grow in Colorado.
    You can make blueberry jam, MK!


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