Thursday, May 17, 2012

Books on Hold

I found bookcase space for all my books - phew! Of all my books, though, the ones I think I cherish most are the children's books. I love children's books. Here's the bookcase designated for them:
Above the case you see a painting of a ballerina. That's a painting of my mother, done when she was a teenager. I've always loved it, and I think she's always disliked it a bit. I'm sure some serious collectors have many more children's books than I. I'm a small-time accumulator. I'm really just keeping books that I love, and that I hope to read to my grandkids someday. They're on hold, but I must have them out on shelves.
Here are a few favorites. Martha B. Rabbit. The Tall Books. And the itty-bitty miniature books -- several of them are Beatrix Potter.
Tasha Tudor's works have a place of honor on the top shelf. We love the Corgiville books in our family, and perhaps you can see  Take Joy there, in the middle.
Top shelf: books for little children, big picture books, and read-alouds.
Middle shelf: books for early readers
Bottom shelf: chapter books like Little House, good for mid-elementary
Just writing this post makes me want to go browse through a Little Bear book or play with the Winnie the Pooh pop-up book. Toodles! I guess just because my kids are too old for them, and I don't have grands yet, these books don't quite have to be on hold, do they?


  1. Fun! Take Joy is hard to find right now.
    I love all things kids love. I was at a teacher store yesterday and I found myself mesmerized by the puppets. It's the clown in me.
    Jane Dyer books are my favorite. The way she draws clothes and sheep . . .

  2. Isn't it crazy how we can adore how someone draws CLOTHES??!! But we do! We love it so much that we can spot their clothing on a book cover, half-way across a bookstore. That mystical fact indicates to me that it's a childhood thing, an innate attraction to certain art, certain depictions. I'll need to go check out Ms. Dyer :)


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