Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plant Life in Oriental

I shared this picture of some tall hollyhocks before.
But otherwise I don't think I've shown you any of the foliage of Oriental. These beautiful bushes are downtown, and were in fuller bloom a couple of weeks ago. The leaves look rather like thin rhododendron. I don't know its name.
It seems every other house has hydrangea bushes, and they do so well here! Most of them are a mixing of pink and purple, very bright.
There's lots of lantana too -- big bushes, so it must like these growing conditions.
Tropical Storm Beryl came along the coast yesterday and dropped three inches of rain on the town, but after it passed, the blue skies came right back after supper.
I've noticed so many large fig bushes/trees in town. Here's one. The figs are green right now. There's a massive bush behind Philip's work location, and I think I'll ask them if I can pick the figs, if I promise to bring them a big jar of the preserves I'd like to make with them. I made fig/lemon preserves about 18 years ago in Mississippi with Adam's grandmother's recipe, and they were a real hit!
This monster is a wysteria, lying on the ground like a wallowing shrub. I can tell by the seed pods hanging down -- so unique!
Another fig, this time in bush form.
I've been wanting to share this photo with you. Oriental is full of sweet little streets, not even two lanes wide. 2nd Ave. is so quaint. It changes from pavement into grass, right at this spot. You can continue driving along the grass, although I wonder whether anyone does. We've ridden bikes down this end of 2nd Ave., but the large overhanging trees have formidable roots that stretch across and make for a bumpy ride :)
How would you like to have a little cottage along 2nd Ave.?


  1. I LOVE 2nd Avenue with its lovely grass trail. Figs sounds especially good right now. We don't have any such thing growing up this way. I enjoyed the things growing in your town.


  2. Isn't it interesting the very different plants that grow across the regions of the country? I'll keep you abreast of the fig situation, if I get some to make jam. 2nd Ave. looks like walking back 100 years to me :)


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