Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Family Blogasbord

I use that title because all these articles, in some way, involve the family.
The Protestant Pill Predicament -- This is a clear, well-stated blog post by a young Christian woman. She's grappling with the fact that the modern birth control pill will sometimes cause a very early abortion by preventing the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. While this isn't a a moral issue for many women, for strongly pro-life women, it is. If you're considering using the pill, you'll want to address this issue.
Missed Conception -- Yet another personal article by a young Christian woman, reflecting on how we make choices about pregnancy. If we believe in life, and trust God to provide, why do we delay babies for years? Excellent, thoughtful article.
Bullying doctors -- Choice? What if a woman's choice goes against what pro-abortion doctors insist is necessary? This woman's story is so sad. Can you imagine being in a hospital where the staff seemed bend on your babies dying?
Selma and Kenny Tell It All! -- Okay, this video is hysterical! Listen to Selma and Kenny, married 72 years, give advice to the family newlyweds. Worth your time :)
Battleground in Belgium -- A European family also face social pressure to get rid of a disabled child -- only this one is already born and grown! Some may protest that there is no "slippery slope," leading the U.S. gradually to the culture of death described in this article ... except history and current events are proving them wrong.
Hot Wheels in Tow -- That title may sound funny, but the article is really rather sad. Never leave your child with drunken grandparents.

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