Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Carne Asada

Last night Adam said he was having beef withdrawals. We've been saving money, eating chicken and ground beef. Ever have a desire for a good bite of straight beef? So he made "carne asada." I think that's Spanish for "beef salad."
He crisped up some flour tortillas (small size) by frying them in a little oil to get them crunchy.
Then he took two nice slabs of cow and pan fried them.
I had two avocados in the fridge, but they'd been there a while. When Adam cut them open ... brown goo on the inside! So I went to the nearby grocery and bought two fresh ones. I simply can't truly love my Mexican cuisine, without avocado.
There's the beef, after he sliced it very thinly. That way, even if the cut of beef itself is a little tough, not overcooking it, and cutting it very thin, keeps it tender to eat. He snacked on a few bites, I'm sure, to stave off that beef hunger :)
He spread refried beans on the tortillas, and then some grated cheddar cheese, and slipped them into the oven to melt the cheese. Then he layered the thinly sliced beef, lettuce, homemade pico, and homemade guacamole on top. Adam also put sour cream and hot sauce on his:
I prefer just the taste of avocado on top:
This was good, and filling. I can hardly get enough Mexican!

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