Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

First, let me wish a blessed Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, to all who love children and help and nurture them. Some of the most wonderful mothers in the world are women who've never birthed a baby, but they are precious mothers just the same. We know this because the children love them.
My children gave me a happy Mother's Day! They went out shopping for mysterious happies. At my place at the supper table, I found this stash:
Oh boy! I love Whoppers. They'll live by my side of the bed, and I'll eat them slowly, a few each night. And Almond Joy!  Oh joy! I ate half of it last night. I left the rest on the table, and while we were gone to church this morning, Sandy finished it off. Boo hoo!!!
Anna made me some sugar scrub with olive oil, vanilla, sugar and brown sugar -- and Julia made the paper wrapping on the jar.
Adam made bread sticks last night, one of my favorites.
And a nice thin cheese pizza:
In the gift bag, I found this lovely thing! A pewter sugar bowl ~ isn't it adorable? I told the children it looks short and squat like a sumo wrestler with his arms raised  and making his muscles. Can you see it? I love it!
This is where I hid my orange slices. Don't tell the children!
Happy Mother's Day! It sure was one for me.

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  1. A Sumo Sugar Bowl -- how funny!
    I can't imagine anyone ever giving me orange slices or Whoppers, but I would not be the least bit unhappy if they did!
    Happy Mother's Day, dear M.K.! Enjoy each slice as a piece of love from your family.


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