Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Before we left Brevard, I found this little hammock at Safe's Attic, for $1! Yep - another great deal!
It's not sturdy enough to hold me or Adam or Philip. But it works great for Julia -- her own little hammock.
Or Sandy. If Sandy liked it ....
Which she doesn't. She jumps out as soon as she can.
Then Philip decided to order himself a hammock too. I must say, the weather here is just perfect hammock weather. He got a very nice one. He says now he can hang his hammock on campus next fall, and join all the other hammocking students that he has previously derided - hahaha!!!
Adam has spent a little time under the hood of Fiona, getting her in smooth running order. I've lost track of all the things he's replaced, cleaned off, or cleaned out.
I'm currently laid up in bed with a hurting foot. I haven't a clue what I did to upset my foot, but it's telling me, "I'm not going anywhere today!" I couldn't put any weight on it last night, but after sleeping all night, it's much better. I hope resting it all today will make it well again.

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