Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Three Against the Dark" Promotion at Amazon!!

Hi, reading fans! We're doing a promotion of my book, Three Against the Dark, at Amazon, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The ebook will be FREE !!!
So, if you missed the last promotion, then please avail yourself of this opportunity.
Just in time for Memorial Day vacation reading!
You do NOT need a Kindle, in order to buy and read it. Just download a free reader app, like a Kindle Cloud Reader, on your regular computer. (I have one myself, since I don't have  Kindle either.)

It's free! Buy one for your grandchild, your own kid, a friend's kid, for a birthday, or for your family's summer reading. This book is a great read-aloud, great for upper elementary, and many of my adult friends have enjoyed it a lot too.

Enjoy! Thanks so much.

(Oh, and please note the brand new book cover. We've been revising and fussing over the old one, and finally Philip just said, "Ugh!!! May I please just try something totally new?" So he did, and we liked it. I did like the old cover with the table and the candles, but it was too dark, too cluttered, and too difficult to read and see in a thumbnail size. This one's simple, plain, and [I hope] appealing. Many thanks to Philip for all his work on this cover!)

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