Saturday, May 26, 2012

Congratulations, Peter!

Today was Peter's high school graduation! We drove to the mountains to witness the event. Here's the handsome graduate with all his regalia.
He practices silly faces in the mirror so he'll have them all perfect for the stage.
He must text the girlfriend, who is driving over also!
The graduation was in a really awesome venue: Brevard Music Center. I realized later they must have chosen it because it's probably the only place in town BIG enough. There were so many people there!
The stage:
We arrived very early, so I crocheted. I'm making this prayer shawl for the prayer shawl ministry at the Methodist church back home. I'll do a post later about those lovely ladies and the wonderful work they do. I like this pattern!
This is a really massive hall, as I said. It's open to the air on the sides, so it wasn't air conditioned, but the it was reasonably cool. Well, almost. The whole auditorium was packed by the time it began.
Peter hangs out with his dad a little beforehand.
And the grandparents came also :)
Peter, processing to the stage:
I had to squat in the aisle to get this fuzzy photo of Peter doing the traditional hand-shake with the head of the Board of Education. He has his diploma!! Well, I have it, actually, so he doesn't lose it :)
A shot of the stage. Peter is on the back row, about 4 from the right, just before the gap in the heads where a short girl was standing next to him.
(I'm sorry I can't get blogger to center this photo, no matter how hard I try!!)
His girlfriend Kara also came, with her mom, and they came to the house for pizza before driving back home. And yes, Peter did get his hair all whacked off, but I didn't do it this time! It's already trying to curl up and it will grow out in no time.

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