Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Hook Holder

My friend Mags, over at "Hookery at the Bookery," has a photo of a crochet hook holder that I adored the moment I saw it. You can't miss it if you click over there -- it's the banner photo!
Anyway, today I opened my sewing machine for the first time in over a year. That's a long time!
I'd completely forgotten about this fabric. I picked it up at a junk store. It's 6 rectangular panels, each slightly longer than the size of a place mat. The fabric is very sturdy; I think they're upholstery samples or something. And all the edges were already finished.
While sorting through sewing junk, I found this packet. I looked at it pensively. What's in there? I had no idea. Don't you love finding surprises? It's a little like opening a Christmas present, unexpectedly. I allowed the pleasure of wondering to sink in for a few moments.
When I opened it, I found these! I bought them at a little sewing store in downtown Prattville, Alabama, years ago. Iron transfers -- I'll never use them, but I bet Anna will. I'll give them to her.
On to the hook holder! Here's how I've been storing my crochet hooks, in a decrepit cardboard box.
After a little sewing and fiddling with my old machine, this is what I made:
There is a pocket for each hook, and a flap that folds over.
Then it rolls up and ties with a ribbon I attached.
See? Handy and beautiful, and the hooks are in order by size.
Now I need to find something interesting to do with the other five panels. Happy crafting/sewing/knitting/crocheting, friends!


  1. Smart! It's very pretty! I like the iron-on transfers. I have some, too!
    I like digging through my old stuff for this very reason!

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much for the link! Your hook home is lovely- I epecially like the contrast blue thread/ribbon- very clever!

  3. Thanks for linking to our blog - Hookery in the Bookery. We started last Autumn as three librarians crocheting in our tea breaks during long winter nights when the library is open late. When semester finished we moved to my house and we have increased our numbers to approx 8 now. There is a great atmosphere of chat and (some) crochet. Hopefully we will be having a stars and stripes theme this week for American Independence Day - watch for the photos. magsmcc (post above) is our resident photographer and a jolly good job she does too.

  4. Oh yes! I loved Mags crochet hook holder, too, and I don't even crochet! Yours is lovely! I have so many of those little iron on transfers. They're addictive, but I've never even used them! Thanks for sharing!


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