Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blogasbord Time!

Hypnotist knocks himself out, leaving hypnotized people on stage. This was just too funny for words!

Obesity - it's mostly genetic. Skip through all the evolution mumbo-jumbo, and read about the genetics, at the bottom of the article. This is one last form of stereotyping and discrimination that we need to get rid of, in the US.

Suicidal man left to drown. I found this incredibly sad and maddening. Particularly in the wake of the death of Dr. Kevorkian, aka "Dr. Death," I'm bemused that our authorities could simultaneously put Kevorkian in prison for giving someone a drug to end his life, but policemen and firefighters could also stand on the beach and watch a suicidal man drown, doing nothing. I don't advocate Kevorkian's acts at all, but the double standard enrages me.

Ayn Rand, the GOP's beloved atheist. If you're a Christian, before you get all excited about Atlas Shrugged, know the author's worldview.

WalMart vs. The Dollar Store -- the gloves are off, y'all! Meet "WalMart Express."  Just when WalMart left all those "little" stores as empty eye-sores on our landscape, and built the mammoth "Super Centers," now they're going the other way. Ugh.

Bank of America gets what's coming to them! I just love this story! Go read it! Finally, a homeowner doesn't let this behemoth get by with murder - yes!

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