Thursday, June 16, 2011

S'more s'mores, please!

Our weather has been glorious, with cool evenings, and perfect for making s'mores around the firepit. We all sat on the patio the other night, as the darkness fell and the lightning bugs came out. Philip made a perfect fire, and Julia retrieved the s'more fixin's!
Golden, glowing spots like this are great for turning a marshmallow that perfect shade of brown.
We didn't have any Hersey's chocolate bars, so we used -- you guessed it! -- Nutella! Or rather, Berryhill chocolate spread :)
Marshmallow perfection:
Will she patiently wait, or will she go ahead and burn it to a crisp?
Mmmmmm ...
Why, yes, it was very good!

After s'mores, we sat and watched the fire,
Anna looks pensive. Is she wondering about college in the fall?


  1. YUM! Oh, why does Sandy have to look so adorable? I want to dog sit for you. I wish we weren't so far away!

  2. We are headed up to Minnesota in a couple of weeks, and smore making is a big part of our time at the cabin up there. Yum!

  3. The fireflies came out -- but not the mosquitoes? Heavenly.

  4. I think the smoked help to keep the little nibblers away, GJ :) Michelle, have fun in your cabin; that sounds great! Pom, Sandy would love your house, I know!


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