Saturday, June 11, 2011

Okay, now I'm SOOOO confused!!

Many thanks to Sharon, Pom, and Mary for replying to my last post about how I should answer comments.

But as of 30 seconds ago, I'm so confused.

You see, your comments get to sent to me on my email. And I usually click "Reply" to them, and write an email response, and send it off. When I investigated, however, I found that I wasn't sending Mary's reply to Mary (I think), but to something called "Noreply -- blogger" or something like that. Eek!! Does that mean that all these responses I've been emailing for all this time, haven't gone to anyone? That can't be! I know sometimes people then write me back again. I'm SO confused!

Mary, Sharon  and Pom -- did you get an email from me, answering your comment? Please let me know.  I have to figure this out. It's driving me nuts!!!


  1. Yikes, MK! No, I have never gotten a response. I checked no reply a long time ago because I was getting too many confirmation emails. Sadly, your good messages have gone to cyber space! You can always email me at
    We keep learning, don't we? It's good for our brains!

  2. MK I've only commented through your blog 2-3 times but no I've never gotten an email regarding any comments including this one.

  3. I've never gotten a reply email either. Sometimes I'll check back on a blog to see if you replied, if I asked a question, or if I remember. BTW, I like that you've gone back to your original picture on the header.


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