Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cool Summer Cookin'

We cranked up both ovens on Saturday evening to make pizza, and man! did it heat up the house. Ugh!

So this week I'm opting for meals that do not use the oven.

Monday: We had Taco Rice. One of my favorites. Quick and cool.
Tuesday: Tonight I'm planning on wraps. That's a flour tortilla with garden lettuce, tomatoes, turkey, ham, salami, onion, cucumbers, ranch dressing and whatever else the heart desires. No pictures of this one; you'll just have to imagine.

Wednesday: Spaghetti.  Not exactly a cool dish, but it is stovetop, and the fam loves it. (That basil doesn't stay in there, just to let you know :)
 Thursday: I've asked Adam to do something with a chicken on our little grill. Sometimes he smokes it, which is scary-looking, but yummy-tasting :) I'll make some rice and maybe a salad to go with that.

Friday: Beef tips over noodles. Probably something like this beef stroganoff. I often, however, make my beef stew gravy, with just the beef tips in it, and serve it over noodles. I've never posted my beef stew, I don't think. That's a good recipe too.

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