Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well, what's for supper?

On Monday, I found a pork loin at WalMart for $2.09/lb. I don't buy much pork, but it looked nice and lean, and we cut it into medallions as soon as we got home, wrapped them, and put them in the freezer. Today I pulled six of them out, and Adam flattened them with a small cast iron skillet. Did you know that you get more meat for your money when you do this? It creates "more bites," as Adam says, and people measure their fullness level by how many bites they've had, not how many ounces they've eaten. It's true!

He did the hard cookin'. He breaded them in egg whites (left over from the ice cream he's been making), and cracker crumbs, and fried them in olive oil. Voila!

(Sorry these pics are very candid and poorly done. I thought about blogging supper as we were beginning to eat. I said, "Don't take a bite!!! And they all froze until I'd made the rounds of the table, clicking at their plates.  My poor family!)
This is very versatile meat. Anna toasted some homemade bread and  made hers into a sandwich with BBQ sauce:
Philip had a sandwich too, but with onions and Heinz 57 (actually, the Aldi knock-off, which is exactly the same, he says, and he's rather picky):
Adam slathered his with the same. Note his raw broccoli (he will not eat it cooked). He also made a mushroom/wine gravy for the mashed potatoes.
Speaking of the potatoes, they are little red ones, which I boil until very tender, and mash quickly in the mixer with some sour cream, butter and a little milk. So easy. Leave the skins on. I made my own cheese sauce the other night when we had mac/cheese, and I saved about half of it to serve on the steamed broccoli tonight.
So, there's supper!


  1. your dinner looks so wonderful, yummy. I love mashed potatoes with that gravy...and the pork looks delicious too. The green made a pretty plate to serve as well. Liz

  2. Sounds delicious, MK! Looks delicious, too. I'm glad your family agrees to blog opportunities. Tell them thank you!


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