Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Smell of Lemon

The magnolias are in bloom. If you don't live with these impressive beauties, their blossoms smell very richly of lemon. Strange, but true. It seems that all blooms with velvety white petals have deep, heady aromas. These photos are from a walk I took with the girls yesterday.
A bed full of tiger lilies:
My next-door neighbor has such a gorgeous yard. These are only half of the hostas in her front yard -- a sea of them.
And these are two of her puppies, Domi (short for Fatz Domino!), and Sammy. Don't you love their bandanas? I love them both, but especially Domi. He's barky and fiery, but I adore him. He'll bark like mad right up until you're petting him; he's muscular and his coat is smooth. His ears are soft. His black eyes are deep and intelligent. That's a dog that has something to say.

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