Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Hour

Adam and I aren't going on many dates these days, since money is tight, but he wanted to take a brief jaunt in Fiona, to celebrate her new dashboard. So we went to Sonic during their afternoon "happy hour."

We have a rule when we're in Fiona:  I'm not allowed to touch the door handle, if I'm traveling in the passenger side. Adam puts me in, and lets me out :) I like that.

I like riding behind that "Leaper" -- the dashing jaguar on the hood.
And now the radio's working! Although the antenna needs a little work ....
We arrive at Sonic. There's just something fun about a drive-in. (Although Sonic now has a drive-through and a dine-in.)
During "happy hour," their drinks and slushies are half off, every day, from 2-5 PM. What a deal! I got a medium strawberry limeade, and Adam got a large blue coconut slushie. He also ordered onion rings, because he really likes them.
And we sat and talked, in our cool car, at the drive-in. I'm not sure whether I felt like a '50s teeny-bopper, or an old lady at an antique car show :) Sure was fun!

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