Monday, June 20, 2011


India's oldest inmate:  I found this article bizarre and fascinating. I mean, could a fiction writer even come up with something like this? Released at 108, b/c they just don't want to care for him anymore. Sheesh.

Guns on the border: This is a chunk of news that more Americans need to know about. The ATF (Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms) approves a ridiculous plan to permit guns to be illegally transported into Mexico. A border agent is murdered. Guess where the weapon came from?  What tragedy! This kind of horror from the federal gov't in D.C. should be eradicated mercilessly.

The Dead Zone: Another news-worthy item, that will be swept under the rug. The Gulf Coast has a huge "dead zone" in it, much more damaging that the oil spill of last year. Only nobody raises a ruckus about this one, because it's caused by big agriculture in the Midwest. When big oil is at fault? Scream. When big ag is at fault? Shrug.

Little Integrity Tests: I found this story by Andree Seu so compelling, and my heart goes out to the prison inmate who must choose between his integrity and his freedom. What would any of us do in a similar situation?

"Opportunities on silver platters often come with little integrity tests."  Oh, so true. Silver platters are often temptations. You taste of them at your own risk.


  1. Hi MK! What a lot of interesting tidbits. Thank you!
    I hope you are enjoying a hopeful Monday. I'm sewing and I had to take a break because well . . . this apron might be a tiny bit wonky.

  2. This apron of yours has been such an interesting project! I like the fabric. Can't wait to see the finished thing :)


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