Monday, June 13, 2011

If You Love Nutella ...

Try this:
Okay, I know I'm being a traitor, but let me tell you why:

Nutella brand: $3.42 for 13 oz.
Berryhill brand: $1.99 for 14.1 oz.

Berryhill products are found at Aldi. I adore Aldi. And I wouldn't switch loyalties if there were any significant difference in flavor. There isn't.

The ingredient list is almost identical. Nutella has palm oil; Berryhill has vegetable oil. Nutella adds vanillin; Berryhill just says "flavoring."

But I did a taste test one morning:  Two pieces of homemade toast with butter. I put Nutella on one, Berryhill on the other. I bit from each piece, alternating, savoring.  I could not tell the difference. If I can't tell when I'm trying to, I think I'll be happy with Berryhill all the time.

So -- yippee!! -- chocolate hazelnut spread will be a staple in our home, instead of an occasional luxury! Love it.


  1. Just ate a bunch of Nutella on banana chips. I used to shop at Aldis all the time, but there aren't any in Colorado! Bummer. I always go for the cheap stuff. I'll be on the lookout for Berryhill!

  2. We really like Aldi products, and their Berryhill brand is a good one. Their Millville cereal is also as good as any name brand. Everybody should have an Aldi - we're very fortunate to have one.


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