Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Respond

Okay, this is just a post about blogging. But I have this one issue:  how do I respond to your comments?

1.  I can leave a comment here, in response to you, but you might not come back to read it ....
2. But if I don't leave a comment here, it looks like I'm rude ....
3. Your comments also come to my via email, so I usually respond to you with an email ....
4. But if I do that, I don't also come here to respond, so again, it looks rude ....
5. But it's rather weird to answer you twice, once via email, and once in the comment box.

Do any other bloggers have this problem? Am I just an idiot that I don't know how to answer my dear friends? Any help? Anyone? 

(I bet you folks on Wordpress don't have this issue, do you? :)


  1. We know you read our blog comments, MK, because you keep an active blog (mine is not currently active). Many of our comments don't really need a return comment. This is about building you up! You email personally to each of us as needed. Don't sweat it! You are far from being a rude person simply because you haven't commented on a comment. Relax! Love you, Sharon

  2. I agree with Sharon. But I don't think you have emailed me. Do you have my email address? If not, message me on facebook, and I will send it to you there. I love you, Mary Kathryn!

  3. I don't expect anyone to respond to my comments, but if they do I think it's sweet. I am a regular reader of all the blogs I comment on and the blogging world is vast and always changing. I like to follow the ups and downs, ins and outs of my blog friends' everyday lives. I don't usually visit blogs if I find the author thinks they are the only blog in town. That's not how it works, right? Bloggers are the ones that read blogs. I have friends and family members who start blogs and post about ten times and stop because nobody seems to be reading. You don't blog without reading other blogs. That's silly. Blogging is sweetly relational. And I remind myself: It's self-publishing. That's the beauty. I have met the most interesting people and some of the most "real" people ever. I love it. So, there you go. I guess I don't have any answers for your questions, MK! Ha ha! Overall, blogging is a humble endeavor. This might be dumb, but one reason I don't usually comment on my readers' comments is because I don't like banking up the comments. It seems too impersonal when there are thirty or forty comments. I like everyone to feel welcome and heard. I savor each one and take them to heart. I know you do, too!

  4. Thanks, friends - that helps! And I also emailed each of you in return - haha! I guess I'll just stick to the awkward way I've been doing things. Thanks!

  5. In the e-mail post that notifies you of comments, there is probably a link that says Post a Comment. That is the only way I know to be sure your comment on a comment gets posted. Probably most people who comment also subscribe to comments, so they will get any further comments in their e-mail notifications.
    I think that No Reply is just what it says - doesn't work.


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