Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"I'm in Clothing Heaven!"

Yesterday the mailman brought a box of joy to our house! A good friend had told me she had some very nice clothes she no longer needed, that she thought might fit Anna.  Well, boy did they!  To a "t"!

Anna opened the box from "J."
I think these two young women have very similar taste in clothes, because Anna loved the color, cut and style of all these items.  See this happy face?  This shirt she especially likes.
Anna immediately put this shirt on and wore it all day yesterday.  Julia was desperately hoping it would be too small for Anna.  Alas, not! Anna's look here says, "Nobody is getting this shirt away from me!"
There were a number of fabulous skirts. "J" has excellent taste. Anna liked this one:
And this one was great too:
Look at the beautiful detailing on these pants:
Anna came back in, trying on some of the clothes. She loves this lightweight, filmy blouse.
What a great dress! I'm sorry the photo is a little dark. (Our living room is dark, generally.) It's just a perfect fit: not too snug or loose, feminine, fitted perfectly. There was another gray sleeveless sheath dress that was perfection as well.
What a happy thing!!  Anna said, "I'm in clothing heaven."  And all these arrived at the perfect time, before she heads off to college in the fall.  She will really get some wear out of these.  Thanks so, so much, old friend!


  1. Our second eldest showed up at drama club at the local public school in a pair of pants that had all of the girls admiring and asking where she'd gotten them. "Oh, where I get all of my clothes." Marie replied airily. When pressed as to WHERE this was, she cheerfully told them, "In a big black trash bag on our front porch!" Praise God for sharing folks who shop well!

  2. Yahoo for Anna! Those are all lovely things! I used to take all my mom's castoffs. I love her taste in clothes. What a bonus! Anna is darling!

  3. Woohoo!!!
    So glad they fit!!!

    And I'm SO sorry they smell a bit basement-y. I had no time to do extra washing.

    I really loved some of those (esp the light blue capris with the fun details--I wore those to Bermuda). So I was so glad to send them to someone who would love them rather than just to thrift.

    And the second shirt with the fun shirring is one that I made last summer, and it just didn't really work for me. :-) So glad she liked that one, too.

    A lot of those clothes my MIL either bought for me or were passed on to me. Can you believe it!? Anything Banana Republic were ones that either C or I bought while we were working there and got sweet employee discounts.

    I'm glad she'll have fun things to wear.

    Some of the pants were hemmed for my height, which, I imagine is shorter than Anna's now, so I figured she could either wear them ankle length with some fun, strappy heels, or see if anyone on her hall could use 'em. (Like those robin's egg blue pants--sniffle. LOVED those! Can't believe I used to wear that size)

  4. Jeannette, actually you're taller than Anna, so she's had to hem some of the slacks, but that's good practice for her hand sewing :) Today she's finished a brown pair and is wearing them. She's had so much fun with this!


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