Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Apron

I told PomPom that I was feeling "apron guilt," since she's finished her new apron (see her post about it), and I hadn't even started! Well, I am behind no more!!

Almost two years ago, I bought four pieces of fabric, for making aprons. First, I made a white one for Adam. Next, I decided to use one of the fabrics for packaging my soap.  Then, last December I made a blue apron for Rebecca for Christmas. Today, I finally used the fourth fabric!

The ancient apron I use as a pattern, complete with rip.
I thought I'd include a pic of Anna and Julia, wearing the aprons I made for them in about 2002. These aprons reached to the floor on both of them. I think Anna's dragged, honestly. Can you tell Julia is catching up with her sister?
So here's the new fabric, my least favorite. Rather big print and flashy. I always wear bib aprons, because I'm messy. Starting at the top with the large panel for the skirt, clockwise you see the waist ties, the neck band, the pocket, the bodice and bodice liner.
The is the fine old lady, my sewing machine. She belonged to my grandmother. She's a Singer Slant-o-matic 600. (I have no idea what part is supposed to slant.) The publication date in the instruction manual says "1963," the year I was born. I suspect she is more sturdy than I am.

And here's the finished apron. Not the best photo, sorry, but my models had flown the coop. The fabric is stiff, thick and sturdy, the corner seams are reinforced, and it's ready to use.
On the long, rounded hem of the skirt, I used an interesting special foot, a hemming foot. It easily feeds the edge off the fabric into the foot, which automatically curls it around into a slim loop, and stitches it down in an enclosed hem. Very neat!


  1. I don't always get these read, but did this time. It's funny how some families use aprons and others don't. I'm not an apron person, but I know that Alysa Leet is and when I've seen the bib ones at garage sales I pick them up for her. She has quite a few of them. Jim wears one too when he helps her. I don't think Dawn or Robin use aprons either. I really like the new one you just made and have laying on the table. Very classy! I want to start making those seersucker baby blankets that Jean always made. I always loved them for our kids. I am babysitting 3 kids. Amy worked last night..3rd needs to sleep in the morning then. It has changed my life again!! you know changes?!!! Like M/Andrew moving. I wonder what will become of Cono. It's a pure question in my mind..sadness goes with it! We will probably go to church somewhere else now. we don't have a pastor so have used some fill in ones at a 5 p.m. service on Sunday nights. Changes!!
    Robin and Katie get here July 4th; Dawn's July 7th. I'm having a salad luncheon here with many on the 9th so we don't have to entertain all the time.....just the once....that's the plan anyhow. almost done with the garage. no kidding....Amy said it's so nice and has more counter space than her house...she wants to move out there!! I just got all the cupboards washed inside and out. what a huge job! Dan trimmed out all the windows too. We have a lot of tables and chairs....bought about 5 long tables and 20 chairs to add with what we already had. Braden is taking his nap. I wish I could take one too. Feeling tired. He slept here the night and wakes me up heaps!!! He used to sleep up in the bed upstairs but ends up comning down and wanting to jump in bed with me. then he wiggles so much if i do get to sleep, he wakes me!! thus I made up a little bed area on the he wants to sleep there all the time! have a good day. Liz

  2. Woo hoo! Way to go! I'm clapping for you and I'm very interested in the special foot. Oh, the agony of all that binding on mine! Your apron is VERY pretty, MK!

  3. Liz - how you keep up with all you do, is beyond me!! :) Your garage sounds great. You should take pics and post them on FB. I want to see! I hope you have a fabulous time with the girls and kids there. I KNOW Dawn will have pics of that, for sure.

    Pom, thanks so much. You inspired me!! I did try to take pictures of that hemming foot, but my camera wouldn't focus on it, close up. It's a terrible camera. Maybe another time.


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