Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All in a Day's Fun

Here's a hodge-podge of photos that show a little of our day. Sandy, in her "relaxation mode" --
Philip went off to college this morning. Sniff!! Julia will miss him. (So will I!) She told my mom that she wished she could "stow-away" and go with him.
When Julia and I went to our "knitting group" we saw these terrific puzzles at our friend's home! They belonged to her mom, so they are rather old. Look at those shapes -- astounding. I've never seen them before.
And hidden in there, are other shapes. Do you see the elephant? There were also a butterfly and a guitar, and others.

For lunch, the church ladies had a get-together at a local restaurant. It was lovely, calm, delicious. We had 25 there. My mother is chatting away. Julia came too.
I think she enjoyed herself.

Mother and daughter:
Our waitress also sang for us, in a beautiful, lyrical operatic voice. It was a springtime song in French.
Julia wanted desert, and my mother and I obliged in assisting her with this slab of chocolate. Oh my, was it scrumptious!
We arrived back home well-fed and weary. I made beef stew for supper. (Here's the recipe.) Poor Adam had a long day of driving and car repair, I'm sorry to say. Anyway, my mom had mentioned that, in her compost pile, she had two large butternut squash growing. I went out to see them, and pick them. Don't they look fine!
We gave one to our neighbor, who likes butternut also, and I'll make one for supper. Julia loves my recipe.

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  1. Hi MK! What a cute photo of you and your mama! Oh, Julia is so blessed, getting to cuddle with Sandy! I love Sandy!


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