Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Sunday Tradition

For almost 40 years, my mother has made the same meal, every Sunday. And ... we never tire of it. See? Don't we look happy?
It started because she needed something quick, to get on the table ASAP, for four Very Hungry Teenage Boys.
So, she puts a roast (preferably a brisket, but any good beef roast will do) into a deep cast-iron skillet, and browns it well in a little oil. She adds cut potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, a can of Golden Mushroom soup, and a can of water.
She covers it well, and cooks it at about 250ยบ, and when we get back from church, she has a succulent, moist roast with fabulous gravy.
Lately, she's taken to adding onions and celery to the veggies, because she likes those, but they're not essential.
And her cole slaw - a must! I have a little bit with each bite of roast. Hurry, it's getting away!
My mother also has the most delectable yeast dinner rolls. No time this morning for recipes for the rolls and cole slaw. But they are out of this world!
My plate on Sunday. Note the lightly cooked asparagus also. And peas. Mustn't forget peas :)
Adam usually has just one more roll, after all else is eaten, with the last gravy poured on it. He says it's better than dessert!


  1. I remember that pot roast well - so amazing! And I only had it once!

  2. Mmmmm! the tast of the rolls are still in my mouth!


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