Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Kitties Are Born!

I may have lured you here with false advertising. There are no squirmy newborns here, nuzzling a mama cat :) But there are a couple of these:
These kitties are inspired by some I saw at a friend's house, but hers were made of plain muslin. Let me tell you how I made them. I started by tracing a cat figure on some paper, and then cutting it out with a seam allowance around the edge.
Then I found some fabric. This is odd stuff - I got it for 50¢ at a resale store. It's a piece of fabric with all the pieces to make a vest, plus the instructions, already printed on the fabric. Perhaps you've seen something like it. Anyway, I had no desire for a pink vest with hearts all over it, but I did think the fabric itself was cute, so ...
I cut my kitties out of it, noting what I was placing on the kitty's front. I cut out a front and back, and put right sides together, of course.
Then I hand stitched around the edge, leaving the bottom edge open.
And then I turned it, using a needle to help me get the corners of the ears and tail all the way reversed. I pushed sheet batting up into the kitty, using an old ice pick to help get it into all the nooks and crannies. Then I stitched closed the bottom, and squashed the batting around a little to even it out. A Sharpie fine-line pen was perfect for drawing on her little face. The ribbon? It was lying around, and looked cute around her neck. I'm making a few kitties for a college girl who is away from us (sniff!), and for a younger sister who's eying them wistfully :)

We went to a birthday party for a little girl yesterday, so I decided to paint a new "Little Pom" for her, and put her in a homemade frame:
The cardboard is part of a Frosted Flakes box, so its backside was rather ugly. I covered it up with a layer of batting, and then some of the kitty fabric, and stapled it along the edge. Not very fancy, but sometimes a homemade present is fun to receive.


  1. Cute! I love the kitties AND Little Pom. You paint Little Pom VERY well! I think homemade gifts are always best!

  2. Is your Little Pom a close relative of a book character, or did you just give this particular girl that name? That is, is she your invention or a preexisting literary or cultural figure (that I have never encountered)?

    In either case, she is darling!

  3. GJ, she's a little doll that PomPom sent to me, in a giveaway :) I talked about it in another post:
    I think you were on vacation in the mountains. She's a very painted doll, thus far!

  4. aha! yes, I did miss that post. I love your paintings, and I like the black line on the first Pom. Your pears are prettier than on the mug! Your paintings make me want to get on with making a darling dolly....(sigh)


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