Monday, August 29, 2011

The Egg Farm

My mother likes farm-fresh eggs, so on Fridays we stop at the egg farm. They have lots of animals though, including dogs. This collie's name is Beau. Very sweet.
Mother adores this tall, lanky German shepherd, whose name we forget. He sometimes barks or growls at visitors. Mother is a regular though, and she strolls inside, pays her dollars, and picks up whatever eggs she wants.
They have lovely chickens, but also ducks and geese of all types. (And, that means various-sized eggs too!) See this gorgeous rooster? His feathers were truly some of the most beautiful things I've seen recently, smooth, shiny and deeply reddish-brown.
Beau. The name fits.
Look at these ruffly feathers!
Shedding perhaps? This farm has little donkeys too. It's always a treat to visit there.

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