Saturday, August 27, 2011

At the Football Game

Friday night was the first home game at the high school. Peter led the band in for the pre-game show. As I said before, their theme is "Pirates of the Caribbean," so that's why they're dressed the way they are:
It's not a huge band, but they have lots of fun. Pretty decent percussion section, I must say.
They had nice formations, and at the half-time show, they were really good at moving around. I honestly don't know how those kids play and march around at angles, at the same time.
Their drum major wears a full-length dress to play one of the roles needed.
Jack Sparrow (who also plays a great drum solo) and someone wearing a white wig. I should be more familiar with the Pirates plot line.
The nice thing about having a kid who plays tuba is that you can always find him in the stands.
Half-time show:

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  1. How sweet! It seems too hot for football, doesn't it? I am ready for some rainy weather, but I hate to say that considering the dangerous conditions on the east coast.


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