Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Precious Gift

Yesterday my dear friend Carolyn called. She wanted to drive over (one hour) in late afternoon with Anna's graduation gift. I must tell you this:  Carolyn is a world-class gift giver. I know this because I've been on the receiving end of her talents many times. But I think she may have outdone herself this time. Well, here are her two lovely daughters, with Julia. They had fun playing while we visited. My, do they grow up fast!
Carolyn quietly beckoned Anna outside, to give her the gift, and I did wonder:  is it a plant? I mean, what kind of gift can you not bring inside? Well ... one you can't easily carry, that's what!
Carolyn shows Anna the trunk.
Yes, Carolyn bought Anna a gorgeous Lane cedar trunk. She had been looking for this gift for Anna, on and off, for about two years. Can you imagine? I tell you, nothing will make a person feel more special than that. Anna loves to quilt, so the trunk is also to be a storage place for her quilts, but it also serves perfectly for a going-off-to-college gift :)
Anna could very nearly sleep in there!
What a beautiful gift. I was (nearly) speechless. And I say this: it is fabulous to receive precious, thoughtful gifts from a dear friend. But there is a special dearness in a friend who loves your child, and shows it in such ways. Thank you, Carolyn.


  1. Wow! That is a whopper of a gift! I love the concept of Hope Chests. It looks so cute in her room!


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