Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blogasboard Tidbits:

A closer look at sand: Fascinating and gorgeous, is all I can say. These photos are enlarged 250x, to show what grains of sand really look like. I think you'll be surprised.

How to ruin a blog post: Jo-Lynne posted this fun article. I must admit, I generally am not one to "disclaim" too much while blogging. I just lay the ol' opinion out there, and my readers may like it or lump it, as they please - haha! This is worth the chuckle to read.

NASA blows up global warming: New peer-reviewed data from NASA shows the tired global warming ideas to be inaccurate.

FBI suspect did survive parachute jump? In 1971 I was a little girl, so I don't recall this stunning act of foolishness and greed. Hijack plane, nab random cash, leap into the night air via parachute, and disappear entirely? Sounds like a movie.


  1. LOVED the sand pictures! Who knew sand was so many shapes? Many look like shells. And I liked the disclaimer post too. Great word pictures.


  2. Jody, that's what we noticed too. Isn't it interesting that the sand resembles the larger items that also live in the sea? Just fascinating. And some of the other shapes too -- one looked like a honeycomb to me.

  3. Oh my gosh, the sand looks like sea shells - and the colors! It's spectacular. I have been thinking lately how much lovelier and nicer all the simple things of life are, and there you go - simple old sand. Spectacular!


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