Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Granny Squares

Wednesday morning is our Active Hands Group -- what else to call it? Of the seven ladies there this morning, only three were knitting. Three were crocheting, and one was quilting. Any handwork will do :) I'm plugging away at my granny squares, of which I promised you pictures.

Here's the yarn. I bought it at a local resale shop last year, and made Anna a hat from some of it. I had lots -- 4 or 5 skeins? Notice it was only $1 per skein, less for ones without a wrapper.
In the past week I've made about 19 granny squares in my spare time. I like the variegated yarn. They're turning out better than I expected.
Here's one square. There are five rows (or rounds). All are double crochet, except row #4, which is just chain stitches. I like the sunburst pattern. (For those interested, you begin with 6 chains, which you form into a loop, and put 16 dc into it. Then you alternate dc with 2 chains in the next row. In the next row, you put 3 dc in each chain space. The 4th row is all chains, as I said, with more chains at the 4 corners. The final row has sets of 3 dc, with 10 dc at the corners and 2 chains in the middle of each corner. Did that make sense?)
I laid six of them out so you can see what they'll look like in the end, a bit. I really like it; they look rather lacy. I hope I'll have enough for a small throw or afghan. Julia says she wants it. But I'm thinking of giving it to Anna for college. We'll see. I'll need to find some complementary colored yarn to join the squares together, and to put the border on it. I'm almost feeling excited about this little project!


  1. Clapping! Good job! I like your directions better than most crochet books, Teacher!

  2. Oh Pom, I have another gorgeous pattern for a shawl, which I can't even make b/c the instructions are non-discernable. I've tried and tried. Some day I'll figure out what in the world they're talking about!!


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