Thursday, August 25, 2011

Painting Tasha Tudor

Yay! We painted again today! Friends, this is my 7th year homeschooling, and at last, I'm going to relax, just a bit. I've always been the over-disciplined, stick-to-the-schedule, only-do-art-if-we've-finished-math, kind of mom/teacher. But now, with only one very bright 12 year old to teach, I've decided to GIVE IT A BREAK. We will paint, and crochet, and do the fun things I've never allowed myself (or my kids) to do much, while homeschooling.

So, yes, we painted again today. I nabbed two of my mom's Tasha Tudor books, and tried a little more "light imitation." Here's Tudor's lady bunny, from Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts.
Here's my attempt. The goal is not exact replication, but just inspiration and guidance. My white (for the plaid) didn't work well at all, and her ears are too small. And of course, mine lacks the complexity of color that she achieves. Still, she's a cute bunny.
And this rooster pic is from The Art of Tasha Tudor. Isn't he handsome?
I think I got this one a bit closer, although again, my coloring is too simple. But it's wonderful to have someone who knows exactly what a rooster looks like, assist me!  Merci, Madame Tudor.
My goal is to paint with Julia once or twice a week, for school. If she loves it (which it seems she does) perhaps she'll paint on her own. We keep the painting stuff on the porch in a cooler, so it doesn't get mussed up. The porch is cool in the mornings, but I think come February, we'll need to find a different spot :)


  1. Good for you! I love your first efforts -- and all done while relaxing. You are blooming where you are planted.

  2. I love your painting! The rooster is handsome!

  3. Fabbo!! You could start painting sweet little note cards and put them on Etsy, just a thought! Also, for the white, try a white gel pen or Sharpie Marker after your paint dries. Have fun and let GO!! Art was by FAR my favorite class all throughout school.


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