Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waiting for a Break

This summer is hot, very hot. My friends in Texas are shriveling up from temps over 100º, day after day, and no rain. It must feel like Elijah's drought. Even a relative in West Virginia told me yesterday that it is "stinking hot" there -- in the misty, cool vales of the mountain state!

We all long for the heat to break, for a cool breeze, for the rumble of thunder and the crack of storm that will bring rain, and relief.
This is our sunset across the Blue Ridge, on Sunday night. The picture does injustice to the actual beauty. Sunday was blistering hot, but even in that weather, God gave a glorious sunset.
The oranges were more vivid, the pale sky more bright, the blues deeper and more lovely.
This morning, I'm writing by my window, and the wind is blowing. It will be hot today, but I can feel the weather beginning to relent. By Saturday, highs will be only in the 80s.
Sometimes in life, we wait for a break in the heat, we wait for the Lord to relent from affliction. With Biblical writers, we cry out, "How long, O Lord?"
But in the midst of the heat and trouble, there is beauty, beauty that cannot be captured, but may be experienced by the sufferer. We should be careful about asking for, and giving, too much sympathy, in affliction. Does that sound odd to you? Oswalt Chambers noted this today. We may stray into a blackening of God's reputation, by moaning with others in their trials, he says. The constant reminder, from others' sympathy, makes one say, "Yes, God has really dealt harshly with me." Sympathy should never degenerate into self-pity. No good comes of it.

It is no mistake that our family is where we are, and I don't want anyone to think so. We are exactly where God wants us to be, exactly when he wants us here. He is already providing ministry for Adam to do (praise Him!!), and I know He will provide all our needs. Now, we have only the waiting for all things to be resolved. We wait for a break in the weather. But I can feel His fingers working in our lives; I can feel the breezes blowing.


  1. Healing is a slow tedious process, my shoulder bears witness... Gods workmanship, us, is very similar when He is dealing with our growth.

  2. It was ironic that, earlier this summer, when we had wildfires all around, the evening skies were spectacular. The sun glowed RED, and the smoky skies held these gorgeous shades of orange and pink. I'm glad the fires are done, and we are still hot, but without the smoke it seems less so. Your words always soothe me - and your photos are so lovely.

  3. Oh, yes! He is working. Love the smoky sunset. I like the thought of you spending sweet time with your mama and papa, hugging and kissing them and watching them lead their noble lives. How is Sandy doing in her new locale?

  4. Thank you, M.K., for the reminder of Providence. "Let your conversation be without covetousness, and be content with such things as you have; for He has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you..."
    And may our contentment be more than resignation; may it be an embracing of the beauty and love of the Lord, in such things as a gorgeous sunset and the many other "such things as we have."

  5. Thanks all. GJ, thank you for that verse. Such a huge promise!


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