Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Report to My Fan Club President

Mrs. Pom Pom
Sandy's Fan Club President
The Big Mountains

Dear Pom Pom --

You've asked for a report about how I'm spending my time here in the mountains. I really have very simple, enjoyable days. Here are a few highlights:

There's this sweet lady who lives in the house. Everyone calls her "grandmother." I call her the food lady. Each day we have Almond Time. It's almost as good as Kibble Time, Treat Time and Bone Time.
Tasha is this other dog who lives here. But she's really old and I can outrun her.

I have to sit pretty and smile for my almonds. Yum yum!!
I really like the grandmother's chair, well, underneath the chair. I think there used to be a cat at this house, and this must have been her spot, because it still has that, um, that smell, y'know? I'm trying to fix that with some good ole dog smell.
Sometimes I just let the tip of my tail stick out. Woof!!
We received your package today! What joy! Mistress let me sniff it until I could tell every item. You done good, Pom!
What a great give-away package. But our favorite was your card with the beautiful artwork.
Well, I have to say something about Julia. She's really my best friend. She holds me all the time. The grandmother thinks she's pestering me, but actually I love it. Don't tell her, though!
I think we make a pretty nice pair!
Julia takes me on a walk almost every day. We love walks. I sniff everything, because, well all the smells change constantly. You never know what your nose might turn up. Here we go!
Uh oh. Here comes the other dog. I see her ears.
Well, whatever, off we go! Tasha doesn't usually come because she's about 127 in dog years, and her back legs don't really work ....
Oh yeah. Julia remembered, and took Tasha back to the house. If she'd gone all the way down the road, we'd have been carrying her back all the way!
Off again!
Which way, Julia? Left? Okay!
Massive beds of wild ferns grow along the path.
And we found the very first red leaf on the ground, of the season. Autumn is on its way!
Then Julia found a smooth rock -- not one of these nasty pieces of gravel. Throw it, Julia!
I'm all pooped out now, Pom. Goodnight!
Tell all my fans I'm here for autographs whenever they want one :)


  1. You've been busy!
    Cute doggie.
    Summer's beginning to fade, isn't she?

  2. Oh, Sandy! YOU look gorgeous on Grandma's lovely red rug! Julia is a sweetie pie, cuddling you like that!
    Tasha is so cute. She is the dog of queens, you know.
    Almonds? I'd eat them if they made me as cute as YOU! What a treat to stay in that cozy mountain home! I'm happy for the good report. Sniff the mail for a little goodie in a week or two.


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